Egypt: A land to explore much more than just Pyramids

June 8, 2016  |  Royal Heritage Holidays

Egypt is one of the known countries for earlier civilization built on the bank of river Nile. The ancient Egypt had a number of skills to offer and even today experts of various fields visit this land in search of new ways and means from the ancient art and culture. Here one must remember that it is a versatile piece of land that has much more to offer as tourist spots than mere pyramids. The beautiful locations here are enough to provide memories that can cherish you lifelong. Here are a few areas that must be a part of your Egypt tour packages.

Aswan is the leading tourist attraction other than Cairo, the capital city with Pyramids of Giza and Sphinx, which are on the top of the list. This village is on the bank of river Nile, and you can see the tranquility of sand dunes along the bank. You can get a river ferry and visit the Elephant Islands and can also enjoy the beautiful view of Nubian village.

The upper part of the Egypt has numerous attractions such as Karnak Temple, Valley of the Kings and theMemorialTemple of Hatshepsut close to the Nile. On the West bank of the river, you can see lots of tombs and religious places of ancient Egypt while on the East bank there is abeautiful market where one can see modern and traditional items.

While being on atrip to Egypt, you just can’t afford to miss a visit to the temple of Abu Simbel. Beautiful wall paintings, gigantic statues and awesome interiors are part of this beautiful temple. You also need to visit the Egyptian Museum that can make you feel in the world of Pharos. While being on Egypt holiday packages if you are interested in knowing the art and culture as well as thehistory of Egypt, this is the perfect venue for you. Here you can see the most famous mummy of Tutankhamen and many other Pharos which can just leave you stunned. There are many other things kept here that one can hardly see once in a lifetime.

You can also visit thewhite desert and Siwa Oasis as a part of your tour while being on holiday packages for Egypt. These are the destinations where the ancient Egypt can be viewed as the mud-brick citadel also has a history and lots of legendary stories to tell. It is the place from where the adventure to defeat the desert begins.

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